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Security Token is an analogue of a company's ordinary share, confirming the right to the property of the business itself, its income and dividends.

Utility Token is an analogue of a certain function. As a rule, these are service functions that can be implemented in a particular case in the interests of a particular company or person.

Stablecoin is a token that is an analogue of some asset, its value is rigidly tied to an existing asset. For example, 1 dollar is equal to 1 USDT token. Or one token is equal to one ounce of gold. Etc.

Thus, as a result of tokenization, a company can receive several types of digital assets - tokens, which will be considered by the regulator as:

Tokens created on the blockchain are a record in the registry in the form of a unique code that cannot be hacked or stolen.


Tokenization allows you to quickly make transactions, bypassing complex bureaucratic procedures, because all the necessary data is entered into a smart contract.


Due to the digitization of an asset, the implementation of transactions becomes more accessible to a larger number of investors or market participants. For example, instead of selling an expensive property, highly profitable in market conditions, for which there will be a limited number of buyers, through the issuance of tokens, it can be sold in parts, tokenizing this tangible asset into square meters.


Often a personal presence was required for the implementation of transactions (as in the example with the same real estate), with the release of a token, this is not necessary, and it becomes very simple to sell and buy assets, having only access to the Internet.

Everyone can buy a certain amount of this building. Moreover, having the opportunity in the future to accumulate these square meters up to the complete redemption of the building in the future.

This technology can be used for any kind of assets.

The tokenization procedure opens up new opportunities for any business for its development.

Our team will carry out all the necessary procedures in order to issue a turnkey result.

Ready-to-use tools that allow our customer to gain new competitive advantages and new horizons for their growth.

Obviously, one and the same company can have all types of tokens at the same time.

For example, a gold mining company has a token in the form of a share, a stablecoin in the form of one ounce of gold, and a utility token that gives a discount in jewelry stores of this company.

The competitive advantages of business tokenization cannot be overestimated:

Thanks to the development of the digital industry, and in particular blockchain technology, many classic activities, such as the stock market, have become just one of the opportunities with new ways to raise money in business. Or transactions in a completely different capacity.

TOKENIZATION has become such an opportunity for business.

Tokenization is a special process that allows tangible assets or legal rights to be replaced with a digital record on the blockchain with the release of a special token.

Obviously, anything can be tokenized, from the copyright of some work of art to a skyscraper you own. Including some exchange operations with the same tokenized assets or at the expense of tokenized as sets to transfer property rights, copyrights or just values. For example, through stablecoins.

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