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Along with classical investment strategies, with the development of digital assets, many investors exchanged part of their money resources for digital assets, primarily for bitcoins, ethereum and other digital assets.

The history of the emergence of the Genius Digital Partner Corporation began with the fact that a number of investors asked to provide them with an infrastructure that allows them to purchase digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on American crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance.US, Bittrex.

The fact is that due to various regulatory rules, many products of the crypto industry in the US market are not available to foreigners. This is primarily due to the lack of a social security number - SSN. In some cases, the complexity of the registration procedure or the elementary lack of knowledge of the English language.

Our corporation allows us to avoid all these obstacles and become just a bridge between national economic systems and the American digital industry.

Practically impeccable legislation governing the circulation of securities in the United States, under the supervision of the authoritative Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC, allows investors to be calm about their investments through such market instruments as a security.

GDP invests the funds of its shareholders both in the assets of digital tools and in companies that actively use digital technologies, implement the achievements of the digital economy to gain competitive advantages and thereby increase their capitalization, which ensures the growth of the welfare of our shareholders.

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